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General Role Play rules

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1General Role Play rules Empty General Role Play rules on Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:43 am


I want to make it perfectly clear what I expect out of this site, as well as what I expect out of replies in general.

  • You need to write at least 100-200 words. I understand that sometimes it's hard, and this rule may be overlooked at times, but only when it can't be helped. But please, try.

  • Do not God Mod. I can not stress this enough. Only the GM is to do that, and will do that when necessary, however, you should not try to control what another character does, or is doing.

  • Don't get offended or upset about what a character does. This is a story, it's not real life.

  • Grammar is your friend, and so is spell check. Use them. Please, for the sanity of everyone else. A helpful tool for Chrome is Grammarly.

  • Don't go out of character (ooc) within the RP. You can take that to the OOC forum and chat about stuff.

  • No sex. Please. Just no. Take it elsewhere.

  • Roleplays may get a little dark, this isn't your normal kid-friendly region so things might get a bit bloody. Pokemon and people may die, but don't worry, your characters will be saved from dying unless you want me to make it otherwise. (Message me about it if you wish)

  • In correlation to the rule above, no killing people or Pokemon (unless you plan on eating that Pokemon)

  • Do NOT metagame. It's annoying and your characters can't know everything. Just because you know this, doesn't mean they do!

  • If you want your character related to a professor, a member in the villain team, related to a gym leader/champion, message me. We can talk about this and see if I can fit it in anywhere.

  • I use dice to see the outcomes, don't get mad. It's just the way the game is played.

  • Finally, don't make a mary-sue. Not sure if your character is a mary-sue take the test here.
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