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Trainer Rules

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Because I can't hit everything on my own, I'm using some of Pokemon Township's Trainer Rules, but since I hardly think everyone wants to go searching for them, here they are.

  • Starter Pokemon are soulbound (But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them with you.)  

  • You are allowed up to 6 Pokemon in your active party PER TRAINER.

  • You are allowed up to 60 Pokemon in your PC PER TRAINER.

  • Your Character/Trainer can be no younger than 10 years old (If you make your trainer a kid, please keep in character, but not overly so…)

  • You can trade Pokemon and you won't even need Wi-Fi or the Link-Cable. You just have to post in the Trade Journal for that.

  • Keep your trainer clothed, I mean, tasteful.

  • Your trainer must be human!

  • Your trainer can be an adopt that you purchased, a character you already have or someone you make up specifically for the role play!

  • If your trainer has a permanent change in appearance, update your character page!

  • If you want to change your active Pokemon (which is the one that is mostly around your trainer, aka Ash's Pikachu) you have to change it on your character page as well.

  • Your Pokemon must look natural! They can't be special colored or have special markings.

Once again, these rules are from Pokemon Township!!
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